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Team Building Programs that Will Blow Your Mind



Employee Team Building

Imagine your next meeting - just as you finish breakfast, five men and women Fighter Pilots break into the room! You are about to experience the most powerful employee team building experience in the world: The Afterburner Day with Afterburner's knowledgeable, inspirational keynote speakers. Today, you and your team are going to learn how Fighter Pilots execute missions flawlessly in the most hostile environments on the planet - and how you can do the same in your environment. You will plan a real mission and Debrief it just like a Fighter Pilot. The skills you learn you will not forget - because you'll be using them on the job the next day!

Learn vital business skills from Afterburner's inspirational keynote speakers.

9:00 AM: Get ready, the Fighter Pilots are looking for YOU - and your day has just changed!

You and your team are ordered to the Main Briefing Room where you enter through a camouflage netting tunnel. Parachutes are hanging from the ceiling, Top Gun music is blaring, and jets are flying across a giant screen. This is NOT your typical meeting. In fact, it's only just beginning. And Afterburner's inspirational keynote speakers have not only set the tone for your meeting, they have set the tone for your next month and your next year.

10:00 AM: Learn to work as a team in the most challenging environment we can create.

Welcome to the Afterburner Day employee team building event - where we give you our high-energy, inspirational keynote speakers, legendary multimedia graphics and rare video footage. And we are just getting started.

While you are still riveted by the first keynote session, your team breaks into "squadrons" of 15 and quickly moves to breakout rooms. Now you get to use the skills you just learned to plan a real military mission. During this Mission Planning Exercise, your team has to work together to overcome big challenges - changing weather, spies, jets running out of fuel and a special secret challenge known only to Afterburner alumni!

11:30 AM: You and your team will have lunch with the Fighter Pilots.

12:15 PM: Learn how to overcome team "MELTDOWN."

When you finish your Mission, you will go to lunch and report back to the Main Briefing Room to learn about the silent killer: Task Saturation℠. Have you ever had a meltdown? You'll learn what it is, how Fighter Pilots manage it, and how you can, too.

1:30 PM: Learn the power of Debriefing.

Finally, you will learn the power of a nameless, rankless Debrief. In fact, you won't just learn about it - you'll do it. With the help of an Afterburner's inspirational keynote speakers, you will Debrief the Mission you planned earlier in the day.

2:30 PM: The Afterburner Day wraps up and your team walks out with solid takeaways.

Afterburner is a motivational employee team building experience. That's a given. However, the power of our programs lies in the Flawless Execution Model℠. Flawless Execution℠ is a dynamic and powerful team building tool because it is simple to use, yet it has lasting effects. Once you understand it and you and your team start using it, you have total control over all situations. No, you can't control the competition or predict the future...but you will know how to overcome these threats to maintain the flexibility you need to succeed in your uncertain future. This is the path of Flawless Execution℠.

In military combat, when lives and $30 million dollar aircraft are at stake, Fighter Pilots may not recall complicated management models. But they will remember what they're taught about Flawless Execution℠. And so will you and your team.

It's not a "macho" thing, it's a Flawless Execution thing.

Guys love jets - sort of like NASCAR with wings. But this is only a small piece of what Afterburner is all about. The core message taught by our inspirational keynote speakers is not about male bravado, jets, or war - it's about the process men and women Fighter Pilots use to achieve Flawless Execution℠. Women find this message as empowering as men. This is especially true when our inspirational keynote speakers talk about the nameless, rankless Debrief - a method we use to accelerate our experience by giving everyone a voice in the process.

Have your global team learn teamwork from the most successful global team on the planet.

Think about it - how does NATO, for example, execute perfectly-coordinated missions with pilots from many nationalities? They do it using the same Flawless Execution Model℠ we teach at Afterburner employee team building events - the same model that can help a diverse international team execute perfectly-coordinated missions in their own business environment. With offices in 3 countries and clients in 18 countries, and a diverse staff of our own, we know how to make everyone feel a part of the employee team building program.

Afterburner Employee Team Building Events Will Make Your Team FLAWLESS!!

You will build a FLAWLESS team that excels in every task it undertakes - collectively and individually - when you use the methods you'll learn from our inspirational keynote speakers during the Afterburner Day Employee team building event.

To schedule an employee team building event or for more information on our inspirational keynote speakers, call .