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Team Building Programs that Will Blow Your Mind



Introducing Black Ops – an interactive experiential team building event

From the undisputed leader in experiential team building, Afterburner announces Black Ops – a high intensity, experiential learning and training activity that utilizes the ‘can't fail’ techniques that elite Special Operations teams use to execute in challenging and often hostile environments.

This interactive, 2.5 hour experiential team building event utilizes cutting-edge iTouch technology in our break outs, digital mapping type software and real-time special operations rescue scenarios to put your team into HIGH ALERT, teaching them how to work as one cohesive unit. This experience provides your team with the ROI of focused teamwork, execution, and planning/debriefing tools that have worked in real military situations when failure is not an option. Afterburner’s keynote speakers – themselves experienced special operations team members – work side-by-side with the members on your team to uncover common roadblocks to success in business – and combat them effectively, both now and in the future.

Enlist your team today into a truly immersive environment. Enlist your team in Black Ops. Contact us for more detailed information about the Black Ops experiential team building event, including program scope, length, and requirements.

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