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Corporate & Experiential Team Building Events from Afterburner, Inc.

Building Effective Groups through Corporate
Team Building

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During Afterburner's corporate team building training, leadership and collaboration skills are learned and great teams are made! A flourishing organization can be established if a systematic approach, such as Afterburner's Flawless Execution℠ model, is followed, and building effective teams will have a great impact on the success of any organization.

Afterburner's experiential team building debrief techniques, execution strategies, and planning tactics help you team work together to grow to achieve great results. As David Wee from Questex Media said, "A team is like coal on fire -- together, they glow; apart, they grow cold. Coming together is a start; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

experiential team building

Enter the Afterburner Team with Experiential Team Building

Our team of fighter pilots understands your corporate team building needs and can provide the performance improvement consulting you are looking for.

We pride ourselves on being team building consultants and motivational keynote speakers who specialize in converting organizational and team potential into desired results, drawing from our elite military knowledge gained from Navy Seal team building, Special Forces team building, and Black Ops team building.

Through our signature Flawless Execution℠ program, we've produced new levels of team performance and significant business results for our clients. Our corporate team building programs effectively and seamlessly align with your company's goals and objectives to build strong teams and focused employees.

Our experiential team building consultants have worked with hundreds of corporations to energize their corporate events and meetings worldwide.


Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building is a proactive leadership approach to improve cohesion between members of a unit, and the approach that an organization wants to take towards team building exercises will vary.

Non-profits tend to favor experiential team building games and activities as their primary choice for building teams since the environment is usually fun.

For-profit organizations typically lean towards corporate team building events and leadership development programs as a solution for their team building needs. However, this doesn't mean that corporate team building is boring, but the tone around corporate team building exercises is focused more on lessons learned from the exercises that the team completes.


Experiential team building activities can be focused towards improving communications skills, leadership development, and team work. To hear more about what our previous clients have to say about their improved leadership and collaboration, read some of our testimonials.

Are you ready to learn more about how Afterburner's team building consultants can help you improve execution? It's time to give us a call to start building your best team ever: .

The Basics of Team Building

Project Execution through Successful Leadership: How to Lead Like a Fighter Pilot

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Team Building for High Performance Teams

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Getting people to cooperate, work in harmony, and synchronize their efforts can be difficult. But it's possible.

Eight ways build a great team

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Leadership and Team Building

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The Basics of Corporate Team Building

Project Execution through Successful Leadership: How to Lead Like a Fighter Pilot
An article about the value of leadership in experiential team building to successfully execute projects.

Symptoms That Signal a Need for Team Building 
If you are not sure if team building programs are the answer, this simple guide from UC Berkeley will help you decide and give you the basic steps for corporate team building.

An Air Force Guide for a Formal Team Building Program 
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Army Study Guide for Team Leadership 
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Team Building for High Performance Teams

Team Building Lessons from Mission Critical Situations 
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Games for Virtual Team Building [pdf] 
It's increasingly common for teams to be distributed geographically. 3D virtual worlds may provide an alternate way for teams to communicate and engage one another.

Learn more about what you can expect from teambuilding events.