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Improving Team Performance: Post-Failure Team Building Strategies

Improving Team Performance after a Failure

Afterburner understands how critical it is to continue improving team performance by debriefing after a failure. Our Flawless Execution℠ team building strategies enable you to determine where, why, and what went wrong to prevent making these same mistakes in the future.

Debriefing is a powerful tactic to improve team building strategies – it will help you examine where the process went wrong. Begin by first asking each person in your team what the mission statement was – don’t tell, ask. Everyone should be able to clearly describe the specific, intended mission objective. If they don’t, this is the first area of opportunity to begin improving team performance, as you’ll know in the future that you need to more clearly and uniformly define the objective.

Successful team building strategies will also examine the execution of the plan. Did an individual perform differently than intended? Did he/she foresee unplanned circumstances unfolding, and if not, why? Were there issues with your plan’s organization? Successful organization allows teams to absorb errors and execute the mission successfully – improving team effectiveness and performance.

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Team Building Strategies – Using Lessons Learned

After determining where the failure occurred, your team building strategies must address implementing Lessons Learned to continue improving team performance. Examine the root causes and identify where and why the mistake occurred. Then develop a specific Lesson Learned to prevent that root cause from negatively affecting your team’s performance in the future.

However, improving team effectiveness does not simply end with developing a Lesson Learned. You must implement that lesson into the next plan – and every plan after – that you create. Create a Lessons Learned knowledge database that you can draw from in the future to continue developing zero-tolerance-for-error team building strategies, aligning your teams and increasing performance levels. To learn more about team building in the workplace after a failure, contact our team building firm.