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Madison Rising


Madison Rising is no ordinary rock band. Led by a Navy veteran, the band isn’t only creating catchy, guitar-driven rock—they’re creating a movement. With songs ranging from inspirational tributes to our men and women in uniform – such as “Soldiers of America” and “Walking Through That Door,” to anthems like “American Dream” that honor our great nation and the band’s #1 best-selling rock rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” it is clear that this band is on a mission to not only make great music, but to also send a message that American culture is alive and well.

The band is made up of four members - Dave Bray on vocals, Alex Bodnar on lead guitar, Sam Fishman on drums and Steve Padelski on bass. Bray himself is a military veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy for four years as an 8404 FMF corpsman for 2nd battalion 2nd marines. The band is based out of NYC and regularly performs at corporate events, sporting events, political events, fundraisers, music festivals and industry conferences and trade shows to energize and inspire audiences with their unique brand of pro-American, pro-military and pro-liberty oriented rock music. Madison Rising’s mission to promote the principles of liberty, independence and personal responsibility has resonated with audiences around the country.

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