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Motivating Your Team Members Through Executive Team Building

Powerfully Motivating Your Team Members

In rapidly-changing and challenging environments, motivating your team members is the key to improving performance and flawlessly executing mission objectives. Afterburner’s executive team building programs are based on the powerful methodology of the Flawless Execution℠ process, ensuring that your team will work as one to Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief from start to finish.

When your team begins planning, you can begin motivating your team members by utilizing their expertise to define your mission objective and identify threats and resources. Open planning involves three echelons of rank and multiple team members. This is the first opportunity you have to motivate your team. Ask all of your employees for their opinions and input – and don’t just ask, listen. This serves as a powerful executive team building strategy that makes your team feel valuable and engaged in the planning process.

The same methodology for motivating your team members applies when evaluating Lessons Learned – don’t just ask your employees for feedback, ask what experiences they had. What jobs did they perform? What did they do in the past, how did it work, and how can your team integrate that wisdom into the plan for execution? Successful executive team building instills each team member with a sense of value: they matter, how they performed matters, and it’s evidenced in the plan – and the contingency plans – you’re creating.

Using the Flawless Execution℠ Process to Improve Executive Team Building

After motivating your team members by collaborating with them during the planning process, your team will be involved in another opportunity to improve executive team building: the briefing process.

When you brief the plan, look at the big picture – why are you here, what are you doing? Briefing helps to motivate your team by reinforcing the engagement and reiterating the mission. The brief is an executive team building opportunity to re-inspire each team member. It serves as a reminder as to why everyone is here and why everyone matters. When restating the mission statement, you’re not only motivating team members, you’re aligning behaviors and telling your team concise, direct, executable actions that each member of the team can and should accomplish.

Motivating your team members is especially important during the execution process. Team members must know that they have mutual support from their teammates to keep them on task, which prevents task saturation and errors. If you have been successful at executive team building, your employees should have the mentality that they are one team carrying out a plan, not a group of individuals.

Motivate Your Team During Debriefing Sessions

During the debriefing process, ask all members of your team to contribute their feedback on how the plan was executed. This is yet another opportunity to continue motivating team members, as every person in the room is equally as important in this process. Whether an employee has been a part of the team for 32 years or only six months, each of these individuals has valid, quality feedback that is imperative to the debriefing process.

As you’re motivating your team members, your team will improve its performance over time. Always strive for incremental improvement each day as you leverage our executive team building strategies to align your teams and achieve an organization of excellence. For more information about our team building programs and seminars, schedule a mission with our fighter pilot consultants by filling out the form to the right or by contacting our team building firm.