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Team Building Exercises that Really Work: The Best Team Building Activities for Progress

Team Building Exercises That Really Work

Afterburner offers numerous team building programs comprised of powerful team building exercises. Choose from a variety of our best team building activities, designed to transform your company from the ground up. Utilizing our proven Flawless Execution℠ model, each of our effective team building exercises will revolutionize your processes and align your teams. Choose from the following programs below:

  • Afterburner Day – Our high-energy fighter pilot consultants will lead you and your team through one day (5 – 6 hours) of real military mission planning, combined with exciting multimedia graphics and legendary video footage to teach your teams how to Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief as one.
  • Leaning Forward – This interactive corporate team building program (3 – 4 hours) will guide your employees through experiential team building exercises and motivational lectures to improve your team’s planning and debriefing processes.
  • Mach 2 – This revolutionary team building seminar (4 – 6 hours) offers the best team building activities to help your employees improve productivity, overcome Task Saturation℠ and communicate the Mission.

To learn more about Afterburner’s effective team building exercises, schedule a mission with our motivational fighter pilot consultants by filling out the form on the right.

The Best Team Building Activities in the Industry

While other companies may claim to provide corporate team building programs with effective team building exercises, only Afterburner’s programs offer the best team building activities to align your employees, improve your productivity and increase revenue – today, tomorrow and in the future. Here’s why:

  • Our effective team building exercises break down institutional and organizational barriers to communication. Unlike other programs that claim to offer the best team building activities for your organization, Afterburner introduces a shared mental model in one common language - Flawless Execution℠. Our programs teach team members from all departments to leverage one shared language in terms of planning, briefing, executing and debriefing, fundamentally eradicating the barriers of communication.
  • Afterburner’s team building programs are sustainable. By leveraging Flawless Execution℠, we’ll teach your teams to think in that one shared common language, perpetually framing the world in the same way. This will align your teams in a methodology that they can utilize in the short and the long term – in any process.
  • Our team building activities drive financial ROI. After your team learns to utilize Flawless Execution℠ to improve strategic planning, leadership, communication and involvement, they will ultimately become more efficient, higher-performing teams capable of exponentially increasing your company’s ROI.
  • Afterburner’s team building exercises improve employee retention. Employee retention can go a long way towards saving on expensive costs deriving from hiring new personnel. The cost of rehiring, retraining and orientation programs can be very expensive – including the opportunity costs you may have to face while waiting for the new hire to improve his/her efficiency. All of these costs are due to poor employee retention. However, Afterburner offers the best team building activities in regard to creating a positive, efficient work environment that aligns teams, values employee feedback and improves communication – creating an environment that employees will thrive in.

Align your teams with our effective team building exercises. Learn more about why Afterburner’s high-impact programs feature the best team building activities in the industry – contact our team building firm and schedule your mission today.